Asset Allocation – Key to Long Term Outcomes

Kennedy Partners Wealth (KPW) assists clients in managing part or all of their investment portfolios. Our asset portfolio diversification and investment performance encompass all major global investment asset classes and currencies.


Management of client equity portfolios can often be highly individual due to historical shareholdings, investor preferences, tax, or other personal reasons. We are able to help clients manage equity portfolios with a tactical focus including the use of margin and options. We can also assist when a more passive approach is appropriate.

Fixed Interest

We advise and facilitate investment across the corporate capital structure, including hybrids, corporate and government bond in both domestic and global markets. Our structure allows us to offer clients fixed interest opportunities listed on the ASX and institutional access to OTC (over the counter) bonds.

Asset Backed Security Portfolios

A key contributor to portfolio diversification and investment performance is access to high yield investments. We can construct client portfolios over time considering an individual’s liquidity needs and risk appetite. We have privileged access to transactions provided by experienced and successful operators.

Alternative Investment Opportunities

Our experience and reputation provide us access to a diverse range of alternative investment opportunities. Those we consider high quality and provide an adequate risk adjusted return may be recommended to clients. These include private equity, pre-IPO funding, syndication opportunities and unlisted funds.

KPW Benchmark Asset Allocation